Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Back from Turkey

Hello World, finally I am back from all my trips, especially the latter, Turkey, which was the longest vacation up to now. Turkey was wonderful, we had great weather, the hotel was superb, the beach was perfectly lovely and the food was delicious. I stayed in Belek at the Riu Kaya Palazzo Hotel. It was nice to actually have a holiday where you can just lie by the pool or on the beach all day long and just do nothing - simply relax and  sunbathe. During my stay in Belek, I managed to take part in a few group trips such as the visit of the city of Antalya, the market and the waterfall of Menavgat and finally, I also visited a typical Turkish jewellery center. To make time drift away whilst being at the beach, I had the occasion to do some jet skying. If I am honest with you, I was really scared at first because the waves were quite strong and the jet sky was very fast but oh well after a few minutes of "getting used to it" I eventually enjoyed it. If you look at the pictures you will see all the food and landscapes as well as some decor elements of this wonderful five star hotel. Hope you enjoy it. Have a good week. Xx

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