Monday, July 20, 2015

Inspiration: Stylish pool floats

Pool floats

With this canicular weather, I think we are all craving a dip in the pool or the sea right?
I have a couple of friends with a swimming pool in their back yard, which comes in really handy when the temperatures soar. At least I don't have to rush to the supermarket and buy an inflatable pool. Btw, I've heard supermarkets are out of stock of inflatable swimming pools…

Today, it's raining… so, I have been browsing through the net for stylish pool floats that I have been seeing all over the social media. The usual dauphin and pink mattress definitely boring! I rather have donuts, pizzas and swans to keep me company when sunbathing in the pool. I hope to find a new "pool friend" to join me on my vacation to Ibiza and take plenty on pictures. ;)
If you're also searching for these super cool and stylish new pool floats, you can shop them right below this post with just one click.
So which one will it be? The pretzel, the donut or the pizza? Guilt-free calories
Happy Monday!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Flared jeans + Off-shoulder top

As mentioned in my last post, I spent two afternoons in a shopping mall called K in Lautern. I didn't find many items in the sales section except these black flared jeans.
As I am, for now, still loyal to my skinny jeans I didn't want to spend too much cash on a pair of flared jeans. Not only were they spot on from a price perspective but they were exactly how I wanted them.
Strolling through other shops, I found a couple of hats to add to my collection, bought some cosmetics and other accessories… I am actually glad I found a few lovely rings and necklaces as I have apparently omitted to add jewellery to my outfits. Jewellery is always an accessory that I consider important to add to daily looks.

Over to the off-shoulder trend, here is a look I had in my mind ever since ordering this top.
I told you about this summer piece and the fact that I don't like showing too much in this post but flared jeans and off-shoulder tops are definitely a go-to outfit for this season!

In addition, to running through malls and hanging out on my blog, I also found time to book a vacation … have you already guessed where I am going? Well, let me tell you one thing… This off-shoulder top will look awesome with some white lace shorts, straw hat, a pair of Birkis, casually walking by the sea side… of IBIZA! 
Yes that's right, I will be in Ibiza in August celebrating my birthday with a few friends. This is for sure the place to be, a hot spot this summer. I am really am excited!

Top: Chicwish
Jeans: Primark
Bag: Asos
Shoes: Zara (similar here)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Birthday wish list

Birthday wish list

Good afternoon to you all! Today, I am in Germany visiting a friend and whist she's at University, I chose to browse the online shops for the last sales mark-downs with the aim to set up a birthday wish-list. The more I click through the different websites, the more I fall for new collection items… as always. But, of course, I need to share my lovely finds with you!
My friends and family keep asking me what I'd like for my birthday but actually it's a lot more complex than that… I want it all!

I think you all know my love for shoes and bags, however, lately I've been crushing on sunnies like never before. In my eyes they are a wonderful accessory that can change a look in an instant. Anyway, right now I fancy a pair of Dior So Real which I hope will join my collection. It will be a gift from me to me!

When it comes to watches, I am not such a huge fan even if they are always a useful and nice accessory. I never seem to be looking at the time on my watch, instead I glance at my phone. Most of the time, I just wear a watch because I think they look nice but this Daniel Wellington watch with the black leather band is still a must have for me.

Hats, are also starting to be a new thing of mine! Although, I don't really have a hat face. This H&M hat did catch my attention and I totally want it at the beach! (Btw, in my next article I will reveal my summer destination)

Now, this bag… no words needed right? Currently almost sold out everywhere. Bloggers all wanting to own one of these gorgeous Faye bags by Chloe. This bag is amongst others a must have this year. If I can I will try to get my hands on one of these beauties.. Fingers crossed!

For ages the Valentino Rockstud shoes have been a love of mine but never actually bought any… Yes, the flats are on my wish list but for now I seem to have fallen in love with this adorable khaki leather Rockstud bracelet. Cute, isn't it?

For the rest, my wish list always changes based on what I will discover… the truth is that I want so much more but I guess that will be for an other time, maybe next year.
Today, I will head to the K in Lautern shopping mall for the first time! Let's see if I can still leave the mall with the one or other bargain ;)

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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

White dress and vintage Céline clutch

During the past few days, the weather was just unbearable to the point that I was  constantly hanging by the swimming pool. So refreshing!
When these warm and heavy temperatures start kicking in, you don't really feel like wearing too much. Clothes stick to the body, sweat drips endlessly and nothing ever stays in place, right?

This beautiful straight cut dress is ideal since it will not "glue" to your body. Its light fabric and airiness was such a delight when the occasional breeze kicked in.
Just as quick reminder, avoid black during heat waves as black attracts and absorbs the heat.
Personally, the dress did remind me a little of a night gown, so, I matched it with a sleeveless cotton trench coat and, of course, my crush of the moment... gladiator sandals. There is soon more to come on gladiator sandals!

The accessory that completes this outfit is my new Céline vintage clutch. It actually was love at first sight. I've spotted one of these vintage clutches a couple of months ago on Vestiaire Collective, but they weren't budget friendly yet still sold out immediately. I almost gave up the thought of ever owing one of these babies until I visited one of our Second Hand stores in Luxembourg and there… I finally found my luck.
This clutch ended up being a huge bargain, fantastic isn't it?!

Dress: Zara
Coat: Zara
Shoes: Zara

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Inspiration: Off-shoulder trend

Personally, I am not the type of person that likes to show a lot of cleavage, I actually try to avoid the 'too much'. Those who have been following me for a while will have noticed this.

I am pretty happy that the off-shoulder trend is becoming more and more popular, not in a vulgar way but actually in a chic and somewhat sexy way. As sexy doesn't just mean showing boobies but it's about showing a little skin whilst still keeping it neat and classy.
There is a variety of off-shoulder outfits. You can find dresses, tops, blouses and jumpsuits/overalls in any colours and lengths.

I've ordered my off-shoulder top; I can't wait for it to arrive and shoot an outfit for which I have already imagined many ways on how to wear it: with lace shorts, flared jeans, with heels or with gladiators etc.

By the way, not sure if I've told you this before but every time I order something online, I am always so eager and impatient to receive my package in the mail. I have currently been waiting 2 months for a pair of sunglasses as they are out of stock at the moment but there will be a post dedicated to the sunnies when they will finally, if they ever, arrive.
This being said, I am terribly excited for my off-shoulder top due to arrive at any moment. Are you also impatient and excited when the mailman rings your doorbell with your delivery?

At the end of this post you will find a selection of some of my favourite off-shoulder tops & dresses.