Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blush pink

After last nights' blog post, I decided this morning to wear something that shouts SPRING. I opened my big wardrobe (though it's not that big it’s just too full - I'll need to do a clothes sale this summer), stood in front of it for about 15 minutes and TADAH I had my outfit !
Like I said yesterday, pastels are still IN this spring/summer 2014 so I chose this blush pink coloured long sleeve round neck top that I got last year. I added a knitted cardigan from Zara also in blush pink. Fortunately, we ended up having a sunny day; I was so glad that I wore shorts with tights but I had to wear boots to not show too much leg. A number of people think that wearing rubber boots when the sun is out just looks … I don't know … weird. But in my opinion you can mix differenttextures in an outfit and it's not because the sun is out that you should automatically wear open toed shoes!
I am a big fan of blush pink as you will noticeover time, but I never dared wearing mint green. I shall thus try it out in the future!  
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What to get for spring ?

Spring... soon knocking on our doors, and shops are already bringing out their new colourful collections, it is just too hard to know upfront what to buy. Right ?

Well winter is about to be over; the dull colours can be put away to make place for the new trendy colour : PASTEL BLUE !

Zara just brought out a new leather jacket in pastel blue absolutely gorgeous a definite must have for this spring !

Also the upcoming trend is to have a pair of slip on trainers, I find them quite nice actually. Instead of the usual Converse All Stars sneakers or the really chunky wedge sneakers, they are just in-between the 2 ! And you don't need to bother tying up your shoe laces or anything, all you need to do is to slip your foot in I guess that's why they call em' slip ons ! So if you are thinking about getting some new sneakers and don't want to buy again a new pair of All Stars, because those of last year are already ruined ( like mine), then you might want to go on a little shopping tour and search for slip ons. Here are some links where you may find a pair that's just to your taste. I forgot to mention that they come in every colour and with different materials & patterns !
1) Blue slip ons
2) Silver slip on trainers 
3) Black/White lace slip ons  

But it's not because blue is a hit that you shouldn't buy any other colours otherwise you'll just end up looking like a Smurf and we don't want that, do we ?! So if you're like me, always wearing dark colours during winter, because wearing pink in the snow just looks dumb,  so not fashionable and too flashy,  NOW is the time to be taking out all your colourful clothes ! Of course, this doesn't mean that you should pack away your black blazer or your latest pair of black stilettos because you'll be needing them. Indeed, mixing black and white is very stylish and one of this year's spring/summer 2014 trend. Merely add colour to your outfits! Go for floral printed shoes, jeans, dresses or other pastel colours : blush pink, mint green or even lavender.

Now I don't know what you guys think of this Hologram trend ? I can't decide if I should like or dislike it, I guess I would buy a hologram clutch or nail polish but I'm not so sure about wearing that kind of  skirt or shoes …. But hey, if that's to your taste then get it; it's super trendy and here you don't need to worry about choosing a colour, because guess what, it changes colour anyways.

That being said, I have quite a number of coloured clothes but some of them I never really dare to wear, don't know why. So for my wish list I tried to add coloured items but as I still love black I had to go for some black and white no matter what !

Top row : 1) Floral heels   2) Tfnc skirt   3) Only Manuela Top 
Bottom row : 4) Zara pastel blue leather jacket   5) Eden blue pumps
It's a bit funny because I always do a wish list every couple of months and I never manage to buy every single item that is listed. Either I don't have enough money to buy everything or some items are just unaffordable for me, OR,  I bought a few items of the wish list but whilst strolling through town I'd stop "unwillingly" in Zara and I'd spend all my money there leaving as result no cash for the wish list items. Plus, now I'm saving for my next designer handbag so I won't probably buy everything that I've put on my spring wish list but that doesn't matter so much as this seems to be something I'm used to ! ; -)

What's on your spring wish list ? xxx

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Last night I was invited for dinner at some friends' house, we had Mexican food : Fajitas. Was really delicious and not spicy (I dislike anything that is spicy/hot). My friend prepared all sorts of garnish to put in the wrap : avocado, sour creme, tomatoes, beef, chicken, guacamole, salad, salsa sauce… A colourful dinner indeed !
We often try to have these kind of gatherings and spend time chit chatting with each other; it's always a nice way to relax during the weekend.

Yesterday we for once had quite nice weather in the afternoon and I felt like putting on a pair of ballerinas or some more colourful clothes but in the end I spent the whole day in my room studying with no time left for dressing up. Once finished, I changed into gym clothes and went for a little work out since now I am focusing on building up muscles specifically abs. I've never really been a sporty gal. I recently started going to gym classes and I'm really enjoying it, to the point that I'd go everyday. Am I addicted?
After that I rushed home and went to dinner for which I decided to wear neutral clothes in line with  this grey and dark weather that we're having in the evenings, nothing else but rain, rain and rain.

To get to the title of this post though, my Stella McCartney Falabella tote is actually my first designer bag that I've ever bought. I got this bag in January 2013 after having saved nearly for a year every single penny that I earned. It was so difficult as I am a complete shopaholic and still a student, therefore I don't use this bag a lot as I call it "my baby"!  It may be less fashionable now, the new Prada Saffiano or the Fendi 2 jours is probably much more "IN" or "up-to-date" than the Falabella, but in my opinion it's still very stylish, practical, gorgeous and a great "accessoire" to add to casual outfits.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fluffy vintage

Yesterday, I went to my grandmothers for a visit and she showed me many coats  that she wanted to "give away" or take to a second hand shop. So we went through her closets and there she showed me this funny and chubby looking jacket. My first thought was like "okay now that is unusual " and then I said "no way I would like to keep this one please!".

Earlier I quickly popped into town as I wanted to see if I could still score a pair of pumps in the Zara sales, but no luck I'm afraid.
So today being a "coldish" and wet day, I chose to wear my "new" vintage jacket that I recuperated from my grandmother. To be honest I really love it, plus it keeps me warm and it gives you the feeling  you are being cuddled by a bear all the time because of its fluffiness and "chubby" shape :) .
The jacket giving after all a bit of an older look, I decided to spice it up with my Kurt Geiger sneaker wedges that I got in London during the summer and a pair of dark blue jeans. BUT to add a finishing touch to the look I took out my Gucci "Horse bit" hobo bag. I've had this bag for so long and its size is sometimes really annoying as it's too big and everything gets lost  in it. But on the flip side, it can be practical because you can just shove everything in it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A wedding on Valentine's day

On Friday, I attended a wedding, it was quite nice actually. The bride wore a nice white and straight cut cocktail dress that was a little draped at the front in a silky type fabric. The groom wore a black suit with a waist coat and of course a white shirt. They looked great !
I took a picture of the table decoration and the menu (it's written in Luxemburgish but never mind). The place where we had dinner at was really sweet I must say.

Unfortunately I was not able to go home after school and get to my laptop to show you my daily outfit, and after the wedding I was shattered. I fell into my bed and I was just like the sleeping beauty , haha just joking ! Plus this whole weekend I've been driving back and forth to a place we had to go to for school with art class so I only wore clothes onto which I could get paint on - so nothing stylish or fashionable.

For the wedding I had a planned outfit .. but us girls we tend to change our minds last minute and so I did. I ended up changing from a tight silky type pink and black dress to a black dress.
The dress I wore is a Lanvin for H&M , with black suede over-knee boots and my clutch is from Primark.
Here is a little close up of the outfit.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gift ideas

Tomorrow is yet again the 14th of February, otherwise known as Valentine's day. 
So since it's already tomorrow and I am sure that some of you are still thinking about what to get for you better half, I though of putting together some gift ideas ... Who knows maybe one of these items will be what you've been looking for !
Personally, I am not such a Valentine's day fan as I think that you don't need this day to show a person how much you love them but I think it's lovely to see how all the girls go round with roses and see people in happy relationships so I kind of support it after all. 

For her : 
- Nike free run 
- Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay
- Elie Saab perfume 
- Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 5 case 
- Dior "Bouquet" nail polish 

For him :
- Nike fuel band
- Bleu de Chanel perfume 
- Louis Vuitton wallet 
- Mont Blanc pen 
- Ipod nano 7th generation 

Hello Everyone !

Hey Guys, 

This is me, Ariane, I'm really passionate about everything that concerns fashion. I've wanted to have my own blog for a long time but I've never gotten to it up until now. But the time has finally come to have : arifashionthread. Hope you'll enjoy my style diary ! xxx

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