Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Leaving Luxembourg

It's finally time to move on to the next chapter : Uni. In my previous post I asked you what you thought was the most important things to pack. After having read all your comments I ended up packing 3/4 of my closet. This outfit is the last outfit I shot in Luxembourg. I chose to combine this black mini skirt with one of my favourite sweaters. Why is it one of my favourites ? Well, I find that the water-colour roses seem to soften of the top whilst the rhinestones give it some extra bling and a "precious" touch. I find this whole combination gives this sweater something kind of "precious". In addition, water-coloured effect shapes (lips, roses, flowers..) had a lot of success, actually MSGM's last collection has skirts, shirts and dresses ornated with water-coloured shapes. Really stunningly beautiful! How do you appreciate this whole water-colour effect reflected on clothes ?

Sweater : Zara
Skirt : Zara
Shoes : Steve Madden 
Bracelet : Herm├Ęs

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