Thursday, February 12, 2015

Business look

Being a student in business, I thought why not do a business look which isn't too serious or strict.
At the Uni,we often have project presentations where we are asked, among others, to dress appropriately. I am showing you the last outfit that I wore to one of them.

I think a blazer is always a must have (every girl should at least own a black blazer!). Once you have acquired a black blazer, I suggest you start buying other colours. Then, of course there is the shirt. I opted for a sky blue shirt but you can really just go for any other basic colour. Do not forget your statement necklace which will ALWAYS give your look that little extra, turning a  simple/boring outfit (which you will probably not even be complimented on) to "Oh nice necklace! Great outfit!".
If your top has basic colours or shapes; dare, go for prints at the bottom! I can not insist enough on the word PRINTS. Make sure that if you take flower printed trousers for example, that your shirt or top always recalls the colour present in the print.
Last but not least... shoes. I opted for ankle boots, which facilitate rides on a bike but should you attend a business meeting by car I suggest pumps or stilettos.
I just added the clutch for completing the look, but seriously, do take a normal sized bag or briefcase for the ultimate working girl look!

Let me know whether you like this outfit and if you'd be interested into seeing more "business looks" in the future.

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Necklace: Zara
Blazer: Zara(similar HERE)
Clutch: Primark(similar HERE)
Shoes: Forever21

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