Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The perfect overknee boots

After showing you a selection of my favourite overknee boots in this post; I've put together this outfit for you.
Having found my perfect pair of overknee boots at Zara, I chose to do a little review about them.

First of all, as most of the Zara footwear, they run true to size. This is probably the first time that I buy boots from Zara that cover my calfs. I must say when I tried them on I was extremely disappointed when it comes to proportions. The part of the boots which covers the calfs and the knee are extremely tight. I am still fairly skinny but still I cannot wear them with a pair of jeans - only tights/leggings will do.
I think boots should be made to fit as many legs as possible and for this pair it's definitely not the case. The reason why I ended up purchasing them is very simple… I thought if I wear them a little I can break them in and they might become wider. As a matter of a fact they did expand a bit despite to what you would expect since they weren't real leather.

I opted for a black and white look this time round, never the less, I have to admit that it was freezing.
Stay tuned as I will be putting together a list of my favourite items that are worth keeping an eye on for this upcoming BLACK FRIDAY sale! x

Dress: Asos
Vest: Zara (similar here)
Boots: Zara (similar here)
Bracelet: Valentino
Bag: Chanel

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