Monday, October 27, 2014

Chanel Boy Mini "What's in my bag?" Edition

I recently got this mini-sized Chanel Boy in velvet; I am extremely satisfied and happy with it. I've been using it on various occasions and even though it has a small size, I'm still able to fit my "essentials". 
To give you an idea of how much fits inside, I thought I should do a blog post about this just in case some of you were thinking about getting a small sized bag! 
So as you can see on all the photographs it's the perfect evening bag, my iPhone is the exact size of the bag. I can also fit a lipstick, some money, and of course my keys or some perfume. That's all you need for a night out!
I am still amazed by the velvet softness, by the bag's gorgeous/cute size… I guess that's because it's my first Chanel…

What kind of Chanel bag do you have, or which one is on your wish list ? I'll start : next on my wish list is the Chanel Shopper in black.

Lipstick: Mac "Chili"
Perfume: Chloe
Candle: Ikea (similar here)


  1. Super fabulous :) enjoy it :)

  2. It looks so gorgeous! I am eyeing the Chanel Cerf bag; would be useful for daily life.

  3. Please let me know if you ever decide to sell this bag. I'm in love :)

    1. Hi , if you're still interested in the bag, let me know as I am selling it :)