Friday, October 24, 2014

The little beige dress

We all know the little black dress, right ? So I thought why not change that into a little beige dress. I got this dress in one of the Zara stores, I guess it was love at first sight. As I am not really a dress and skirt kind of girl, I thought I might want to look more "lady like" and wear less jeans for once. An upcoming birthday diner/party was the perfect occasion for wearing this dress. I agree with the fact that we ladies should all possess at least one little black dress but hey, a neat-cut, simple, cute dress can have, in my opinion, any colour. 
Now a little fact/anecdote for a Friday: Did you know that the little black dress was not really invented by Coco Chanel, but it was through this amazing woman that the LBD actually became "famous" in 1926. Coco Chanel published a picture of a simple, short black dress that appeared in the American Vogue issue. Vogue then labelled the dress "Chanel's Ford" - it was simple and accessible to every social class.. and that's how it all started to gain its reputation.

Do you all possess a little black dress ? If not here are a couple of suggestions that you might like and that are very "wallet friendly"!  

Jacket: Zara (similar HERE) 
Dress: Zara 
Clutch: Primark (similar HERE)
Shoes: similar HERE


  1. Love this look! That clutch is to die for. Great choice of location btw :)

    xo, Lisette

    1. Thank you very much for your nice comment ! :)

  2. Super schéine Rack! D'Jacket pass och immens gudd dobäi.

    1. Merci fir dein Kommentar :) dann ass et gudd daat ech dei Jacket gewielt hun an net eng aaner ;)