Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Make-up tutorial

The moment has finally arrived to reveal the project I've been working on: a make-up tutorial.
Having paired up with Marga (make-up artist) and her partner/photographer Henri Da Cruz, we managed to create this superb make-up look. I'd call it a "simple look", lovely to wear when going out on your usual Friday or Saturday night. Being well dressed is important but having a stunning make-up will make you look at your best!
Let me quickly explain how this post will work: you will find underneath each photograph a little text with directions on how to apply the make-up and at the end, you will see of course the result. I hope you enjoy this post. I would love to hear your feedback.
Note: The colour tones used, such as for example the foundation, were based on my own skin colour. So make sure when reproducing this look that you use the correct colour matching your skin tone. In addition, I suggest this eye make-up for darker eyes such as brown or hazelnut.

Start off by using an anthracite coloured eyeliner pencil and draw a line underneath your lower lashes. Don't draw a full line, but just go half way. Then blend the eyeliner a little with your fingers.

Now, use an anthracite coloured eyeshadow and place your brush on to the outer corner of your eye. Blend it whist making a circular movement with the brush, working the colour upwards allowing the shade to fade and blend nicely.

Take a burgundy eyeshadow shade, place the brush on to the middle of your eyelid and blend again in a circular movement, working over the anthracite eyeshadow. This will give the anthracite a less darker shade and a bit of glitter (if your eyeshadow is glittery). 

Finally, use a golden or silver eyeshadow. Take the brush and place it on the inner corner of your eye as well as on the inner corner of your eyelid and just spread the eye shadow lightly. This will give your eye an opening effect or a bigger eye effect. In addition, this can also glam up your look.

When it comes to the face, I applied a simple foundation that matches my skin tone, smoothens the skin and covers some imperfections such as spots, scars and eye bags.
After you have done this step, you can apply a highlighter. The highlighter has the function to bring out desired zones in your face and can make them appear thinner. The highlighter used was actually a concealer (which works just as well).
To blend your highlighter correctly, you can use a dabbing method by using your fingers or by simply using a brush. This image shows on what areas you can apply the highlighter.
Note : If you wish to bring out the highlighted zones even more, you could use a darker concealer or a bronzer to darken the contours of your face.

To the lips now! Here the colours used, was a mix of several lipsticks. With a lipliner draw up your lip then apply a more orangy-pink lipstick and finally use a shimmery red lipgloss. 
Note: You may use any colour for your lips but don't forget that when you have a heavy eye make-up you shouldn't use a dark or strong coloured lip make-up. Always keep it simple by using nude, beige, slightly orangy-pink colours but don't go for red it would maybe be "too much". 

Here the end of this tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it! We still did a little photo shoot at the end of the make-up session, and here is one shot that I wanted to show you. 

Special thanks to Marga and Henri


  1. Great that you finally managed to shoot the make up tutorial!

    1. Yes! Plus I am really happy with the result ! xx

  2. I really like this tutorial babe! Lovely! :) xx Frederique -

    1. Thank you for the feedback and for the nice comment! :)