Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Current favourites: Forever 21

Current favourites: Forever 21

Hello Folks,
Sorry for my absence! These past days I've been experiencing some complications wit the blog plus I've been traveling back and forth to Luxembourg. And now guess what happened… I forgot my laptop charger back in Luxembourg which now limits my access to my blog and other social media. Basically, I am living on super low battery life.
This being said I still have a couple of new outfits to show you before the end of March. I will also have a surprise for you which will be on the blog at the weekend.

For now I will let you enjoy the selection of my favourites, currently available on Forever 21.
I never really knew this brand up until a few months ago when I decided to order a pair of heeled ankle boots from their website.
First of all my package arrived within 5 days, which I was really happy about. Secondly, the shoes didn't smell of plastic which is a great plus as often when you order shoes that aren't real leather they tend to have a strong plastic smell. Since I regularly visit their online shop, I decided to show you my current favourites.

Have a great rest of the week.

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  1. Forever 21, I an only look, admire and wish I was very nice.