Sunday, March 08, 2015

Gym gear review

I know I am not a fitness blogger but I  am if the opinion that one must hit the gym and if possible, sweat in style! This is why I wanted to show you my newest fitness gear.
I am so excited about my fitness results that I got myself new gym clothes, especially colourful! I am sure this will take my motivation to the next level.

Whilst I am letting you enjoy the lovely colours of my new gym gear, here below a little testing review:
First, the Piba leggings. I am really surprised how comfortable they are and how nice they feel worn. Plus, they stretch really well, you can as a result do as many squats as you want.
I actually came across Piba whilst browsing my Instagram. I immediately checked out their website and fell in love with all their leggings. I was initially a bit sceptic about the quality and fabric, but I decided to choose a pair on sale. Now, there is another fellow blogger of mine who happens to be a fitness blogger, I obviously asked her about the quality of the leggings as I knew that she already owned her pair of Piba tights. After her feedback, my tights were already on their way to me.
I highly recommend you get your pair of Piba gym leggings, I am sure that you won't be disappointed.

Now, let's move on to my Nike Free 5.0 trainers. I've always loved Nike's sport shoes and I've even owned quite a few pairs. My Roshe Run having reached their "end", I had to find a replacement. Having read reviews and browsed the internet for quite some time, I really had to get my pair of Free 5.0 trainers. I found a pair at the closest Nike outlet, of course, I tested them first thing on Monday. They are perfect, light, colourful, comfortable, fit to the foot like a glove to the hand, exactly what I needed. 

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  1. Sin do ganz denger Meenung: wann schon Fitness, dann och an scheine Kleeder :)Deng Saachen sin wierklech flott an fannen maan loscht ze traineren :)

  2. Die Box geseit cool aus :) Muss mol eng Keier die Seit kukn.