Thursday, May 28, 2015

Full on Jeans

Full on Jeans outfit! My new addiction is definitely… jeans.
With the 70s style being brought back to life, I can't help but follow this trend! Totally love the 70s.
This combination with suede and jeans is just marvellous - sporty yet chic and stylish all in one.
My favourite is still the jeans skirt combined with a camel coloured fringe top/jacket worn with gladiators.
So far, I just own the jeans skirt…
How do you combine your jeans skirt or your gladiators? 

You often hear or read that if you wear jeans and a jeans shirt/jacket they should both be the same colour. After experimenting quite a lot lately with different jeans tones, I've actually realised that this statement is wrong in so many ways since combining different jeans tones can give your outfit such a cool touch and look so effortless, let alone all styled up.
This is what this look is all about it's about mixing and matching different jeans tones and personally, I think it looks awesome.
BTW, I am currently having a jeans jacket made, as in, it is being hand painted for me, I can't wait to show you the result as soon as it's finished. I am already thinking about the different ways to combine it!

Now, some of you surely follow the amazing and beautiful Chiara Ferragni and might recognise this outfit… This was quite a coincidence, as at the time of shooting this outfit Chiara actually posted pictures on Instagram of herself wearing the exact same outfit. Awesome right? 

Ps: Sorry for the lack of postings but due to a lot of exam weeks and studying, I had to reduce the postings and it will also be so for the next couple of weeks. Thanks for understanding guys! xx

Top: Zara
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Chanel

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