Sunday, June 14, 2015

Triangl "Poppy" bikini: size guide

First off, sorry if you are presented again with this bikini which is everywhere on Social Media… For those who haven't heard if the Triangl bikini brand yet, just visit their website. I promise, it will be love at first sight!

I've been thinking about getting this bikini for over a year now but whilst reading the reviews I realised many people were dissatisfied with the size recommendation or with the sizing system this brand follows. Another thing I noticed is that many people were also complaining about the fabric. But what do you expect… it's neoprene!
Irrelevant of all the comments I decided to buy my bikini.

Beforehad, I talked to someone on the website's live chat, I received pretty good recommendations regarding the size. In addition, I contacted a friend for her advice, since she already has one of the bikinis.

Once received, I "tested" the bikini, I wore it in the pool and whilst sunbathing, the fabric is definitely something to get used to! To resume, the bikini will for sure neither feel like a wetsuit nor like a soft blanket. But hey, in french we say "pour être belle il faut souffrir" as in to be pretty you need to suffer. Even though there is not a lot of suffering to go through here, the fabric will for sure be a little irritating in the beginning. You might get the impression that the bikini is too small but after wearing it for a couple of hours, you will notice that it fits perfectly.

The main question still remains: What about the size? In my case, I stuck to my usual size as I didn't have the problem of "both sizes would fit!". If you're hesitating between two sizes I suggest you opt for the bigger size as the neoprene fabric is not "stretchy" and you wouldn't want to risk it being too small. In general though, I've noticed that their sizes run small.
If you are wondering what size my bikini is on the photos: the top and bottom are a small.
And last: I love the packaging! 

Hope this review helped you in your choice of bikini for this summer!


  1. Wow! Love these Bikinis!

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  3. Hi, I'm just interested as to what size you are. I'm thinking of getting that bikini in S top and S bottom as well. I'm a small 32C and an 8 in UK size bottoms,