Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Unpacking of the latest pochette Janette

The latest pochette Janette was sent to me last week and I just can't keep all the lovely products to myself. I need to share the content with you.
For those of you who haven't heard of Janette, please head to this post for more.
In short, it's a magazine for stylish women and mothers of today who want to be updated about any aspect of life.

This month the pochette included a dry volume shampoo, glittery eye-shadow, a cute piece of jewellery, a scented hand cream, yummy tea and an exciting gift voucher for pizza for 2.

Starting with the dry volume shampoo, I have heard about it and read about it on several blogs, however, I never got around to try. I gave it a go and I must say I was positively surprised by the result: my hair was voluminous and looking fresh. Loved it!

The hand and nail cream is my favourite as I am a huge hand cream fan. The back of my hands is somewhat always dry so this is the ideal product for me.

Eye-shadow, I barely use it because I seem to just prefer wearing mascara and that's it. Purple is an interesting colour and I think it would be nice blended with a more subtle shade, applied in a nice dégradé. The perfect summer and beach make-up. Can't wait to try it, I might get the hang of it!

Girls & jewellery always the love story, right? How cute is this Apoi ring, huh? The semi-precious stone and golden chain give just the right amount of bling to your hands. When it comes to jewellery I like to keep it simple or take it all the way but this is just the best ring to keep accessories simple.
In addition, this ring is definitely a must have if you love the current boho chic trend. In my opinion it will spice up your jewellery collection just a little.

Tea please! As a big tea drinker, I tried the lemon grass and ambrosia teabags and I enjoyed these blends so much. I will for sure buy more teas from this brand. The flavours were absolutely delicious and so delightful.

Yummy pizza for 2 at Pizza Hut! I don't think I need to add anything to that. Pizza is always a good idea & such a cheat meal par excellence!

Thank you to Janette for this lovely pochette!

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