Sunday, February 07, 2016

When in Strasbourg

Last week I spent 2 beautiful sunny days in Strasbourg visiting a friend, which happens to study there. I've never been there before; on the programme was some sightseeing and lots of walking! With walking speaks comfortable clothes and shoes right ?
Therefore, I opted for a relaxed biker look by matching a pair of ankle boots with an oversized Acne look-a-like jacket. To give the whole look some character I added my beloved bag charms and a pair of suede skinny trousers with some zip details.

Strasbourg is a lovely city, with its canals and its beautiful architecture. However, let's not forget the delicious tarte flambée, of which we both couldn't have enough of!
Food set a side, Strasbourg appeared to be a clean city with lots of friendly and open people. In addition, I adored the little cafés that you encounter in every road. If you're considering to do a little shopping trip in the near future I highly recommend Strasbourg as you can definitely "shop till you drop"!

What have you been up to this week?

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