Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Soft Pink & Fishnets

Hoodies, fishnets and mules, are definitely a must-wear at the moment. 
Although you might think it's a rather odd combination, since fishnets were considered vulgar or provocative for quite some time now; they are back and being portrayed in a very different way!
Whilst I've always liked fishnet tights, it wasn't for me, but the socks version .. don't even get me started! I have 5 pairs. With every asos order that I place, I make sure to add a pair of fishnet socks into the basket. I just love what such simple socks can do to your whole outfit.

Now, lets get real... these soft pink tones though! Being the huge fan of nude colours (& velvet), this is clearly an "Ariane hoodie" right there. Ever since buying it 2 weeks before Christmas, it's been in and out of the wash. I can't stop wearing it!

Hoodie: H&M (get it here)
Denim: Asos (similar pair here)
Socks: Asos (get them here)
Mules: H&M (also love these)
Bag: Fendi (buy it here)
As if a soft pink hoodie isn't enough, I combined it with these adorable silk knot mules. 
If there is one shoe which has been fairly successful lately it's the knot shoes from N°21. They have absolutely the most gorgeous pairs, unfortunately not very wallet friendly.
H&M then released these soft pink mules, and I had to have them!  
As soon as they came in the mail I went and stood infront of my closet trying to put a bunch of outfits together. However, due to our current snow situation, they will have to stay put in my closet until the Spring temperatures make their appearance.

To finish off the look, a little bit of denim - keeping it casual, and the gorgeous earth tone Fendi bag.

Let me know what you think about this outfit! xx