Friday, November 07, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

Yesterday was THE day where IT was finally available in a selected number of H&M stores: Alexander Wang collection x H&M. Like every blogger and fashion lover, I had to be there. So let me tell you my little story… Not having any courses to attend, I thought it was the perfect occasion to finally go stand in an H&M queue for the first time ever. Everything was planned the night before. Alarm clock set for 7:45am, clothes layed out, handbag ready to go... etc. I managed to get to the city center at 8:30am, and that's where I was shocked to see so many people already standing in front of the store. I never fathomed to see such a big crowd especially since a lot of people seemed to dislike this collection from the comments I read on social networks. Anyways, standing in the back of the queue, this sales woman from H&M comes up to me and asks me if I wanted to go to the men or women section. Obviously, I said women and so she gave me a bracelet with a time written on it, which  was the time allocated to me to enter and Alexander wang collection. Meanwhile if you wanted to see the men's collection there was no need for a braclet and since my viewing time was set for 10:30, I thought why not go for a sneak peek. 9:00am the store opens, men and women rushing upstairs to the men's collection. I finally got into the store at 9:10 and once in the men's area EVERYTHING was already nearly sold. There were only some sports bags left, a couple of pairs of shoes, several shorts, key-rings and that was it. So, I left the store again, went back home and at 10:00am I returned to the store... Yet again so many people in queue hoping to get in (unfortunately most of them didn't have a bracelet). When the clock finally hit 10:30am, I only had 10 minutes to grab what I liked/wanted. Of course, all the girls stormed in to fetch the last grey "Wang" sweater. It was unbelievable to see how all these girls/women were just out of their minds, stressed and shouting whilst grabbing the items. Once in the changing rooms, I tried on the white shirt dress with the holes, the gym leggings and the black neoprene trousers. The girl in the opposite the changing room had of course the one item on my wish list: the grey "Wang" sweater size S!!! I asked her straight away if I could have it if she wasn't going to buy it. I must say I didn't get a very friendly answer but eventually she handed it over to me. I tried the sweater on and neither the mirror nor me thought it suited me! Disappointed but still happy... I left the shop with one item after all: THE GYM LEGGINGS! By the way, you should really get them whilst you still can as they are extremely comfortable.
So, this is my story of this special H&M event. You also know now why you won't see me wear the famous sweater that we were all desperate to get. 

I would LOVE to hear your stories that you've experiences this time or in the passed years, so feel free to leave a comment! :) 

Rug: Ikea (similar here)

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  1. I do not like to participate in such hypes, even if there are H&M collaborations where I like some items. I neither like the idea of queueing early in the morning, nor having to pay for it on eBay later. So I just skip it all together.