Sunday, November 23, 2014

SuperTrash - Olcay Gulsen

On Friday, I attended a big event at the SuperTrash store in Rotterdam where we were all waiting impatiently for Olcay Gulsen to arrive.
Following the big queue I experienced for the Alexander Wang collection at H&M, I was  worried that people might have to queue for this event too. So, in my determination I went 30 minutes early. Luckily, I was wrong, no queue at all, no one was there which was perfect because that meant that I could chat with one of the sales women. 

Once I sat foot into the store, a very nice sales women came up to me (unfortunately I don't know her name) and we got talking. I told her I was a blogger and straight away I was treated like a VIP. She was kind enough to give me lots of information about the brand and store as well as about the collection that is currently out.
She told me that in this collection there is the "Baylee splashed blouse", hand painted by a designer who only works for SuperTrash, and it's 100% silk; very special. Now like nearly every designer brand, there is one item that comes back in every collection and in this case it's the "Tordos top". It comes in practically every colour and it appears in each collection because it's the one piece of clothing that is designed to fit every body shape. The sales woman also told me that SuperTrash is against fur, so every piece of clothing with fur will entail fake fur but of the highest quality. Indeed, when touching it, it's really not far of from real fur and it has the perfect shine. There was thus one thing of which I was amazed by: SuperTrash sells reversible jeans! How awesome is that 2 in 1 jeans. I recommend you have a look at these jeans.
SuperTrash has now even created a magazine that you can buy in stores; very interesting actually. I find this brand very cool as they sell shoes, clothes, accessories, candles, etc. In addition, every week you can find Olcay's favourites at the store's entrance. You can as a result get THE look. 

Finally, it was time for Olcay to arrive, the store was packed. As soon as she sat foot in the store all the girls and women took out their phones and stormed her to take pictures, speak to her and eventually get an autograph. After 10 minutes, it was my turn to shake hands and speak to her. I was so glad to tell her that I read her latest interview in Discover Benelux magazine, that I just loved SuperTrash and that I couldn't wait to write an article on my blog about this event. She seemed happy to hear that I was a blogger. After taking a couple of pictures with her, I asked for an autograph and that was it. I am so glad that I attended this event and learned more about SuperTrash. A great experience. 
Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures of the clothes in the store so below you will find my favourites with it's link. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

1)Karl top (HERE) 2)Baylee splash blouse (HERE) 3)Carnaby ankle boots (HERE) 4)Skipper skirt (HERE) 5)Brady blouse (HERE) 6)Quote pouch (HERE)

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