Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sporty in New York

Having been in New York 7 years ago, the memory of having to walk a lot didn't skip my mind; packing comfy sneakers and weather appropriate clothes wear is a must especially since Spring hasn't made its full appearance yet!
I always try my best to match my outfit based on the daily activity ahead.
You want to be comfortable, sporty, yet stylish, then here are a few tips you can take into account when getting dressed:
1) Shoes are make for walking right? Make sure you find a sneaker that fits you like a glove, and (!) which will allow you to walk a lot without having to end up with blisters.
2) Keep warm. Whilst the weather and temperatures are still fluctuating, it is best to have a coat on your shoulders, you never know when there will be a breeze coming along...
3)Jeans, tights, leggings .. what ever, it doesn't matter! Choose what you feel most comfortable in and what keeps your legs warm, because the long coat won't do the cocooning work all on its own.
4)Cleavage?... may be nice but is it worth the throat ache? Starting off my days fairly early in the morning, my scarf is my best friend, keeping me nice and toasty around my neck! My favourite scarfs material to keep me warm: wool! 
5)Walking, shopping, sight seeing, eating, etc. you always want to have both hands free, so avoid the hand bag and opt for cross body or shoulder bag. Not only will you be able to do plenty but it adds to a more relaxed look.

These are my tips for you. Hope you liked them and have a great week!

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