Sunday, March 09, 2014

Cave canem


Remember, the other day I talked about my wish list and particularly about the items to absolutely buy for spring? Plus, I said that I never get every single item as listed simply because I always end up spending my money somewhere else (Zara?)… Well, guess what happened ?!
I bought this terribly gorgeous Rottweiler top from Givenchy! Of which I'm just completely in love!
I had wanted to get it for such a long time but it was never in my budget. And once it hit my financial target, it was mostly sold out.
Well this time, I got lucky …the great thing is that I bought the top for a good price!
By the way, one of my New Year’s resolution was to "shop less but better"; I think I did quite well this time round!
I tend to wish for something but can never buy it straight away simply because money just doesn’t grow on trees. This “having to wait” is not a bad thing afterall because, in the end, I realize with time that the item is not that special and, having gone off it, I am glad I didn't buy it after all. The Givenchy t-shirt though was an item I had on mywish list since a while and having to wait just paid off! I am just ecstatic that I finally “possess”it – and honestly it doesn't matter if the Rottweiler is no longer "in". I personally think that it's still a very stylish, fashionable, must-have shirt! 

Do you also own a shirt, shoes, bags or any other item that in your opinion is just timeless and a must-have ? 

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