Monday, March 03, 2014

Ornaments on blue hues

Isn't this sweater just great ?! Personally…. I justlove it !
I actually first spotted it a while ago on aLuxemburgish blogger. I then informed myself where she got it from and she confirmed Zara. As I hadn't been to Zara in a while, I quickly went to the nearest shop and there it was…hanging beautifully – and as Caesar once said after achieving victory “ Veni, Vidi, Vici” as in “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Well in my case it was rather: “I saw, I paid, I wore” …. the beautiful sweater!!! 
I like it soooo much that I don't wear it too often as I am little scared that washing it regularlymight ruin the rhinestones… Unfortunately, so many bloggers/people have this top now so I sort of think that it makes it less "unique" - but never mind ! Though, what could make it unique is the way you combine it. Ok, yes today my outfit is not at all out of the ordinary but I think you'll understand what I mean.
Now, the main reason why I like this sweater is because the blue colour is not all over the shirt. The shapes, forms that appear are a dispatched and it looks similar to water colours with this "washed away" effect.
I combined the top with a pair of Marc Jacobs jeans, Hogan shoes, and my Michael Kors jet set tote.
P.S : sorry, for having a bad face day.

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