Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chanel on my feet

Strolling through town today was just lovely and delightful, although lunch places and shops were absolutely packed.
With 15 degrees, I was so glad to unpack my Chanel Espadrilles that I got fairly late last summer. I matched these flats with a pair of skinny jeans, a light blue shirt, and of course I had to take out the Stella McCartney bag. I rarely use this bag as I live in a rainy country and since the bag is not made with real leather, the rain would ruin it. But I find this bag very convenient so you'll see me using it more often on the sunny days. 

By the way, I need to tell you about my hunt for these “glorious” flats.
It all started with me setting foot in Les Galleries Lafeyette Paris in 2012. I had planned a little "one day” shopping trip. Looking for my Christmas gift and walking through the different areas, I stopped in Chanel (my favourite designer brand), where I found lovely flats – I asked to try them on – however, while waiting round, I looked at the other accessories,… and VAVAVOOM : CHANEL ESPADRILLES from the croisière collection ! That was the moment I sold my soul to the devil just like Faust to Mephistopheles in Goethe’s epic play !
But thinking that I would never have the chance to wear them in rainy Luxembourg I went for the flats. Months passed, spring 2013 came along, I realised that more and more bloggers were wearing the espadrilles and I kept seeing them at Chanel. Then it hit me like a bus: I NEED a pair. I ran to the closest store (yes, we do have one in Luxembourg, finally after all these years) and the information I received was : "Unfortunately they are out of stock, and we don't think that we'll get many more and if we did, your name would be added to an endless waiting list. But we won't guarantee anything. Plus we might only get each size once. You'll have to get lucky."

Disappointed, weeks passed with me not getting lucky at all.

However, before walking out of the store, I was told the list of stores that still had pairs in my size and should I by any chance travel to any of these places I might for sure get lucky.
My uncle travels a lot due to his work commitments, so I gave him the list of all the stores in which the espadrilles were available : St Tropez, Florence, … At the time he was in Dubai, he went to Chanel but they did no longer have my size. A few weeks later, he called me and said that he finally found THEM ….in St Tropez. After 6 months of desperate waiting and endless research … They were finally mine.

Did you have to go through the same or similar story for your Chanel Espadrilles ? What colour are yours ? 

Chanel Espadrilles 

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