Thursday, March 13, 2014


Now, I have something extraordinary and unique to share with you … I don't think many of you have seen this before… But this bag is just GORGEOUS!!!

It was sold not so long ago, in Paris. I am sure many of you have already recognised it: Yes, it is a CHANEL BAG !! 

The CC clasp is embellished with diamonds, the leather is crocodile skin, and the chains are made of white gold - crazy right ?! 
I mean I am a huge bag lover, especially Chanel, and this piece is fabulously magnificent.

I am always so impressed how bags can show so much quality in the material and how much craftsmanship and dedication is put in such a bag. 

Well I think that I've done enough talking, so I'll let you enjoy the beauty of this bag.

PS: How do you like this Chanel bag? Is this THE BAG ?

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