Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas wish-list

Christmas Wish-list

Christmas, only 8 more days to go. I am sure that you are all as impatient as I am for the "X-day" to arrive.

I really wanted to share with you my wish-list for this year's Christmas. I know it may be a bit late to share it as most of you will have already bought most of your gifts for your loved ones. Sadly, I had a really hard time finding things I actually wanted. This year I was sort of short of ideas but still I managed to make a little list…
I must say the CĂ©line Belt bag is for sure at the top of my list! I am also really desperate to get a new camera lense, as not so long ago I purchased a Canon EOS 1200D and now I need the perfect lense to obtain better pictures. I also started to do loads of sports again thus I am still missing the ideal outfit to hit the gym therefore I chose the sports wear. Regarding the other items, they are just optional on my list.

What is on your Christmas wish-list this year? 

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