Friday, December 05, 2014


On saturday, we had our monthly blogger meeting back in Luxembourg, which I could finally attend again. I was so glad to see all my fellow bloggers from our Blogger_LU community. 
This time the meeting took place at the local Lush store in the city centre. We first started with a delicious little breakfast that was provided by Exki followed by a presentation on Lush's products.
I must say, I never knew that Lush had such an array of products for various uses. 
The presentation started with Lush introducing their hair products, followed by their body products and their bath foams/soaps.
I knew the brand Lush before this event, however I never bought anything from their store. I must say that from now on I will make sure to visit their shops more often; I was impressed by the smell/scents and the selection of bath foams which are renowned for their huge foaming qualities!  
An important fact is that Lush is animal friendly, they don't test on animals. They are actually fighting animal testing. In addition, their products are all made with natural ingredients such as herbs, fruit, vegetables, etc. 
Another plus is that Lush's products are eco-friendly. When buying different products they are put into little black pots, which when brought back to the shop, get disinfected and cleaned for further use.
Also, Lush doesn't use a lot of parabens in their products and some don't contain any, since certain fruits have natural parabens which aren't harmful.
I must say the presentation was done very well, there was a lot of interaction and interest from everybody. I really enjoyed this event as at the end we had the opportunity to make our own Lush product to take home with us! The staff was extremely friendly and helpful to answer any questions.

At the end of the event, each of us got a little goodie bag with a booklet containing more information about Lush, their stores and products.

If you are still looking for your Mum's Christmas gift make sure to pop in a Lush store… I am sure you will find the perfect present.

60 Grand-Rue
1660 Luxembourg


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    1. Hello, it was indeed a really nice event to attend.
      Thank you for your comment! :)

  2. Was great to see you there!