Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Birthday wish list

Birthday wish list

Good afternoon to you all! Today, I am in Germany visiting a friend and whist she's at University, I chose to browse the online shops for the last sales mark-downs with the aim to set up a birthday wish-list. The more I click through the different websites, the more I fall for new collection items… as always. But, of course, I need to share my lovely finds with you!
My friends and family keep asking me what I'd like for my birthday but actually it's a lot more complex than that… I want it all!

I think you all know my love for shoes and bags, however, lately I've been crushing on sunnies like never before. In my eyes they are a wonderful accessory that can change a look in an instant. Anyway, right now I fancy a pair of Dior So Real which I hope will join my collection. It will be a gift from me to me!

When it comes to watches, I am not such a huge fan even if they are always a useful and nice accessory. I never seem to be looking at the time on my watch, instead I glance at my phone. Most of the time, I just wear a watch because I think they look nice but this Daniel Wellington watch with the black leather band is still a must have for me.

Hats, are also starting to be a new thing of mine! Although, I don't really have a hat face. This H&M hat did catch my attention and I totally want it at the beach! (Btw, in my next article I will reveal my summer destination)

Now, this bag… no words needed right? Currently almost sold out everywhere. Bloggers all wanting to own one of these gorgeous Faye bags by Chloe. This bag is amongst others a must have this year. If I can I will try to get my hands on one of these beauties.. Fingers crossed!

For ages the Valentino Rockstud shoes have been a love of mine but never actually bought any… Yes, the flats are on my wish list but for now I seem to have fallen in love with this adorable khaki leather Rockstud bracelet. Cute, isn't it?

For the rest, my wish list always changes based on what I will discover… the truth is that I want so much more but I guess that will be for an other time, maybe next year.
Today, I will head to the K in Lautern shopping mall for the first time! Let's see if I can still leave the mall with the one or other bargain ;)

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