Monday, July 20, 2015

Inspiration: Stylish pool floats

Pool floats

With this canicular weather, I think we are all craving a dip in the pool or the sea right?
I have a couple of friends with a swimming pool in their back yard, which comes in really handy when the temperatures soar. At least I don't have to rush to the supermarket and buy an inflatable pool. Btw, I've heard supermarkets are out of stock of inflatable swimming pools…

Today, it's raining… so, I have been browsing through the net for stylish pool floats that I have been seeing all over the social media. The usual dauphin and pink mattress definitely boring! I rather have donuts, pizzas and swans to keep me company when sunbathing in the pool. I hope to find a new "pool friend" to join me on my vacation to Ibiza and take plenty on pictures. ;)
If you're also searching for these super cool and stylish new pool floats, you can shop them right below this post with just one click.
So which one will it be? The pretzel, the donut or the pizza? Guilt-free calories
Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh! I want all of them! And the unicorn!!
    I used to have a lot of this funny stuff when I was younger on the beach :)