Tuesday, July 07, 2015

White dress and vintage Céline clutch

During the past few days, the weather was just unbearable to the point that I was  constantly hanging by the swimming pool. So refreshing!
When these warm and heavy temperatures start kicking in, you don't really feel like wearing too much. Clothes stick to the body, sweat drips endlessly and nothing ever stays in place, right?

This beautiful straight cut dress is ideal since it will not "glue" to your body. Its light fabric and airiness was such a delight when the occasional breeze kicked in.
Just as quick reminder, avoid black during heat waves as black attracts and absorbs the heat.
Personally, the dress did remind me a little of a night gown, so, I matched it with a sleeveless cotton trench coat and, of course, my crush of the moment... gladiator sandals. There is soon more to come on gladiator sandals!

The accessory that completes this outfit is my new Céline vintage clutch. It actually was love at first sight. I've spotted one of these vintage clutches a couple of months ago on Vestiaire Collective, but they weren't budget friendly yet still sold out immediately. I almost gave up the thought of ever owing one of these babies until I visited one of our Second Hand stores in Luxembourg and there… I finally found my luck.
This clutch ended up being a huge bargain, fantastic isn't it?!

Dress: Zara
Coat: Zara
Shoes: Zara


  1. Great outfit!

    Did you ever do a post on your hair routine? I am in love with your hair, I would love to know which products you use!


    1. Thank you!

      No I haven't done such a post yet but thank you for the idea. I will try to do a post about my hair routine soon.

  2. Deck schéine Look! A wéiengem Second Hand Buttek hues de déi flott Posch da fonnt? :)

    1. Merci! Am First & Second hand shop um Belair :)