Thursday, October 01, 2015

Pochette Janette: "Back to school" edition

The latest pochette Janette was kindly sent to me this week. This is now the 3rd pochette that I will show you on the blog. If you are curious to see the content of the previous pochettes you can click here and here.
This month the content is pretty fun and I can't wait to share it with you.

First up the Chatty Feet socks, which are probably my favourite piece from this pochette. I love funny socks, my feet are always cold and ...they're easy to find in the sock basket that I have in my laundry room!

I adored this bow bracelet made by a Luxembourgish designer, cute and simple.
The cotton bows are stitched to a leather band with wodden pearls at the end.
It's always nice to discover new designers in Luxembourg.

I also really liked the micellair water from Bioderma. I am always out of make-up remover when I really need it. In addition this little bottle is ideal to fit my handbag! Little tip: once empty keep it and fill it up again for when traveling!

Then there was the SIOOU mini temporary tattoos, which I am really a fan of. Having looked at the webshop I will definitely order some more as I think they have gorgeous designs; you should have a look!

The Brow Buddy by Autour du regards was for sure something interesting as my first thought was "what is that?!". Later on, I realised it was a tool to shape your eyebrows. Handy I'd say, if you like pluck your eyebrows yourself!

At last there was a little anti-aging kit by Cattier. I personally don't think I need anti-aging products just yet but the kit included a clay mask which I can't wait to try out!

The pochette Janette also included a voucher for going to the swimming pool or spa and a scarf for children.

To sum up, I liked this pochette but it is a "back to school" edition therefore I would have expected there to be more items that you can actually use at work or in school.If you want to subscribe to the Janette magazine or to the pochettes you can sign up here.

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