Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fluffy vintage

Yesterday, I went to my grandmothers for a visit and she showed me many coats  that she wanted to "give away" or take to a second hand shop. So we went through her closets and there she showed me this funny and chubby looking jacket. My first thought was like "okay now that is unusual " and then I said "no way I would like to keep this one please!".

Earlier I quickly popped into town as I wanted to see if I could still score a pair of pumps in the Zara sales, but no luck I'm afraid.
So today being a "coldish" and wet day, I chose to wear my "new" vintage jacket that I recuperated from my grandmother. To be honest I really love it, plus it keeps me warm and it gives you the feeling  you are being cuddled by a bear all the time because of its fluffiness and "chubby" shape :) .
The jacket giving after all a bit of an older look, I decided to spice it up with my Kurt Geiger sneaker wedges that I got in London during the summer and a pair of dark blue jeans. BUT to add a finishing touch to the look I took out my Gucci "Horse bit" hobo bag. I've had this bag for so long and its size is sometimes really annoying as it's too big and everything gets lost  in it. But on the flip side, it can be practical because you can just shove everything in it.

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