Monday, February 17, 2014

A wedding on Valentine's day

On Friday, I attended a wedding, it was quite nice actually. The bride wore a nice white and straight cut cocktail dress that was a little draped at the front in a silky type fabric. The groom wore a black suit with a waist coat and of course a white shirt. They looked great !
I took a picture of the table decoration and the menu (it's written in Luxemburgish but never mind). The place where we had dinner at was really sweet I must say.

Unfortunately I was not able to go home after school and get to my laptop to show you my daily outfit, and after the wedding I was shattered. I fell into my bed and I was just like the sleeping beauty , haha just joking ! Plus this whole weekend I've been driving back and forth to a place we had to go to for school with art class so I only wore clothes onto which I could get paint on - so nothing stylish or fashionable.

For the wedding I had a planned outfit .. but us girls we tend to change our minds last minute and so I did. I ended up changing from a tight silky type pink and black dress to a black dress.
The dress I wore is a Lanvin for H&M , with black suede over-knee boots and my clutch is from Primark.
Here is a little close up of the outfit.

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