Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What to get for spring ?

Spring... soon knocking on our doors, and shops are already bringing out their new colourful collections, it is just too hard to know upfront what to buy. Right ?

Well winter is about to be over; the dull colours can be put away to make place for the new trendy colour : PASTEL BLUE !

Zara just brought out a new leather jacket in pastel blue absolutely gorgeous a definite must have for this spring !

Also the upcoming trend is to have a pair of slip on trainers, I find them quite nice actually. Instead of the usual Converse All Stars sneakers or the really chunky wedge sneakers, they are just in-between the 2 ! And you don't need to bother tying up your shoe laces or anything, all you need to do is to slip your foot in I guess that's why they call em' slip ons ! So if you are thinking about getting some new sneakers and don't want to buy again a new pair of All Stars, because those of last year are already ruined ( like mine), then you might want to go on a little shopping tour and search for slip ons. Here are some links where you may find a pair that's just to your taste. I forgot to mention that they come in every colour and with different materials & patterns !
1) Blue slip ons
2) Silver slip on trainers 
3) Black/White lace slip ons  

But it's not because blue is a hit that you shouldn't buy any other colours otherwise you'll just end up looking like a Smurf and we don't want that, do we ?! So if you're like me, always wearing dark colours during winter, because wearing pink in the snow just looks dumb,  so not fashionable and too flashy,  NOW is the time to be taking out all your colourful clothes ! Of course, this doesn't mean that you should pack away your black blazer or your latest pair of black stilettos because you'll be needing them. Indeed, mixing black and white is very stylish and one of this year's spring/summer 2014 trend. Merely add colour to your outfits! Go for floral printed shoes, jeans, dresses or other pastel colours : blush pink, mint green or even lavender.

Now I don't know what you guys think of this Hologram trend ? I can't decide if I should like or dislike it, I guess I would buy a hologram clutch or nail polish but I'm not so sure about wearing that kind of  skirt or shoes …. But hey, if that's to your taste then get it; it's super trendy and here you don't need to worry about choosing a colour, because guess what, it changes colour anyways.

That being said, I have quite a number of coloured clothes but some of them I never really dare to wear, don't know why. So for my wish list I tried to add coloured items but as I still love black I had to go for some black and white no matter what !

Top row : 1) Floral heels   2) Tfnc skirt   3) Only Manuela Top 
Bottom row : 4) Zara pastel blue leather jacket   5) Eden blue pumps
It's a bit funny because I always do a wish list every couple of months and I never manage to buy every single item that is listed. Either I don't have enough money to buy everything or some items are just unaffordable for me, OR,  I bought a few items of the wish list but whilst strolling through town I'd stop "unwillingly" in Zara and I'd spend all my money there leaving as result no cash for the wish list items. Plus, now I'm saving for my next designer handbag so I won't probably buy everything that I've put on my spring wish list but that doesn't matter so much as this seems to be something I'm used to ! ; -)

What's on your spring wish list ? xxx

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